Informatica online training,etl informatica training.onlineinformatica training

Everything about Informatica as Powerful ETL Tool

Definition of Informatica:-

Informatica is a powerful ETL tool used for Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data in secure manner.

  • Extraction (E) involves in understanding, analyzing and cleaning of source data.
  • Loading (L) involves assigning dimensional keys and loading into the warehouse.
  • Transformation (T) involves in cleaning and modifying the data according to the business requirement.

Informatica online training,etl informatica training.onlineinformatica training

Why Informatica:-

Informatica takes 50% to 90% less time and resources required to complete ETL testing. The comprehensive ETL testing coverage ensures lower business risk and greater confidence in the data. This secures you for delivering a trusted data in your production system updates.

Informatica offers the following tools:

  • Informatica Power Centre
  • Informatica Power Exchange
  • Informatica Reporting Services

Informatica Power Centre:

This is a tool which is responsible to convert source ER modeling data into dimensional modeling data. It has complete End to End solutions in ETL side which satisfies all business needs in less cost.

Informatica Power Exchange:

This is a power tool, which is useful in migrate the data from source database to Target database.

Informatica Reporting Services:

This is another tool, which is used for generating business reports from various databases.

In Informatica power centre there is Server software and Client software. Server software is responsible in execution of Queries and Client software has the following components.

  • Informatica Designer
  • Informatica Workflow Manager
  • Informatica Workflow Monitor
  • Informatica Repository Manager.

As we know that Informatica power centre is an ETL Tool. Now what is ETL stands for? ETL imply Extract, Transforms and Load. Informatica is used to read data from various sources which includes many Relational databases like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Exadata, Greenplum, Sybase, MySQL, vertica, Neoview, PostgreSQL, Web Services, Netezza, VSAM and Tera-data. Informatica Power Centre can also support to read XML files, flat files. Informatica can support most operating systems and platforms like Linux, Solaris, Windows, HP-UX, AIX, Tru 64.

Informatica supports to read data from various Relational databases. After reading data from source it will transform the data, based on our requirement and then load it into Data Warehouse (DW). The process of extracting, transforming and loading of data is Data Acquisition. So, for our convenience Informatica can also be called as Data Acquisition Tool. Informatica Power Centre is used to maintain both current data and the historical data. But in ordinary databases one can only maintain current data. In Informatica most of the designers work will be drag and dropping, which makes very easy to the user to understand what has happening. This can also be used as Integration tool.

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